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Playback Controls Wont Work In Mydvd


I was putting the finishing touches to a MyDVD project when I found the playback controls in the editing window wouldn't work anymoer - that is:


Pause, frame advance forward, play, go to clip start, go to clip end, go to start of project and go to end of project, etc.


None of the icons work - they are all greyed out. Cut, copy and paste etc will not work when right clicking a clip.


The shuttle ring also does not work. I can drag the seek bar across the timeline but the video will not play as the slider is dragged.


Curiously, if I double click a clip, the clip editing window will open, and I can play back the video in the editing window.


Other projects already on my PC seem to open and work without any problems.


So I figure it is one of two things.


1. The dmsd file has become corrupt (hope to hell that is not the case, but fear it is).

2. I have accidentally hit some control or other and switched off some of the functionality of the editing window. (praying that is what has happened).


Any comments on how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated.



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