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Emc9 Dell Edition-Activating Mpeg-2 Codec Issue.



Hello all.


For some reason I had an issue using Create DVD in my Dell Edition EMC9. I could not activate the MPEG-2 codec when asked. Not exactly sure why. DELL was of no help at all at this point. So I did a little reading about codecs on the internet and found that if you don't get codecs from a trusted site like MICROSOFT and install packages from untrusted sites it can hose up your computer and in this case activating the MPEC-2 codec in EMC9. Well being a little frustrated I downloaded a few packages without having this knowledge.


My fix was to do a clean reinstall of my OS, Windows XP Home Edition. Once that was done I reinstall EMC9 and I was able to go through the motions to activate the MPEG-2 codec when asked. Works fine as it has before I had my issue.


I hope this helps others. BEWARE of the sites you get codecs from.



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