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Printing Direct To Disc With Label Creator On Canon Printers

Bud Tuba


I purchased a Canon iP4000 printer because it is possible to print directly to the CD back using the Canon CD-LabelPrint program. You will find directions elsewhere how to make this conversion..that is not my intent in this article.


However, I had created many Roxio CD projects in early versions of Easy Creator products and when I need to duplicate the CD, I wanted to just open the Project.jwl file and print it. While it is possible to reach the solution by printing the CD face image using Adobe PDF print driver, then with Adobe Acrobat, open it and export it as an image file, that could be opened in CD-LabelPrint. Possible, but definitely not convenient.


I determined it was possible to create a CD print template to be stored in the Page Files folder under the Label Creator/Program Files. It is an easy file to create by opening another template and editing the file using Notepad or Wordpad. The file I created to work with my Canon iP4000 printer reads as follows:


[Page Description]

/* Internationalize everything after name = (that line only)*/

Name = stringRef:CDCanonTrayBDiscs

Paper Height = 25.4

Paper Width = 13.1

Number of Views = 1


[View Info 1]

View Type = Disc


[Disc Info 1]

Offset = 6.5 14.4

Inner Radius= 1.2

Outer Radius= 5.90


The easiest way to create this file and keep it as a valid .jwp file is to copy one of the other files in the list of possible templates and rename it with a name you will find convenient. You will have to unclick the Read Only box in Properties for this copied file. I used the name: CD CanonTrayBDiscs. Open this rename file with WordPad or Notepad, copy the above script in total and replace all the existing text in the file you opened with the text above. Then use the Save file option to save it. Do not use SAVE AS because that changes the properties to a TXT file.


This will then allow you to print direct to the CD using a Tray B recommended for the printer you are using. The Tray B design was recommended for the Canon iP4000, but after examining the images online of the Tray B and Tray D designs, I gambled that a Tray D would also work, and it was considerably less expensive than a Tray B possibly due to the rip-off tactics of people who have been hypothesized as Canon workers who have access to the trayw as parts and trying to make some bucks on the side). Anyhow, I was delighted to find that Tray D works like a cinch with my Canon iP4000 and therefore am guessing it would work with any Canon printer specified to require a Tray B.

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