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Why Can't I Burn Everything In Widescreen Anymore?



I have a collection of music videos I burn to DVD+R as new music comes out.

Some of the file types are .mp4 480p wide, and some are .m4v 640p wide.

Regardless of the file types, all my videos played from the DVD+R in widescreen when burned with the Roxio 2009 software.


Now that I have the 2012 version of the software, all my .mp4 videos are no longer in widescreen, and I have even burned the same video files with both versions of the software.


I don’t see anything much different between the settings from the 2009 version to the 2012 version. So why am I not able to get widescreen anymore for my mp4 files?

Is there something new here I’m missing?


I tried both “Create DVDs” and “Edit Video - Advanced” and made sure the “Project Settings” was set to 16:9, and set the “Aspect Ratio Handling” to both “Fill frame (cropping may result)” and the reverse. Still no widescreen.


I didn't do any fancy conversions before, just update the project settings, add the files to the project and burn.


Thanks in advance

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I get the same as you.


If you use the calculator you will see what is and what isn't a wide screen aspect ratio.




The 480 X 272 you posted isn't but the 1280 X 720 I just took with my camera is and displays that way.


Both started as a 16.9 project in Videowave.


I haven't checked what 2009 will do tho..



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post-97-052348900 1329699637.jpg

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Thats unfortunate; I guess Im stuck with the old software.

I uninstalled 2012, re-installed Roxio 9, and it works again.

Notice that the image is not stretched vertically like it is in the 2012 application.


Good thing Im not making Blu-ray discs.


Thanks again for your effort.

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I see, I didn’t think about using videoWave. I’m used to doing it this way in MyDVD. I never knew what the difference was anyway. Does it?


I get the same results that you do.


I tried the video in Creator 2011 and 2009. I then tried it in EMC 9.


The first picture is in Creator 2009.


The second picture is in EMC 9.

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