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Installation Heresy

Del Cambo


I have repeatedly tried to install this software, figuring if one computer didn't work with it, I could start from scratch and reinstall it and it would function. the first computer wouldn't recognize any NTSC video input, only PAL, so I tried installing it on my new computer instead (Windows 7 premium 64 bit on an ASUS Desktop PC CM1730 series). on the first attempt to install, the setup hung on installing the directX9 runtime. I couldn't get the setup to quit itself, so I halted it with Task Manager. It installed without a hitch the second time, so after installing it, it gave me an error about "the program can't start because vcuppermitsvhs.dll is missing from your computer." so I "repaired" the installation, but then it couldn't find an object that another object referred to when I launched it again. thinking there was an error again in the installation, I completely uninstalled the program in the Control Panel, but the folder remained in the Program Files folder. I manually deleted them, but Windows couldn't do that because they were in use. Nothing obvious was in Task Manager relating to Roxio, so I restarted and tried again. The files gone, I installed the program again. It hung on the directX 9 thing again, but the second attempt went fine. except for the fact that it didn't create any shortcuts to launch the program. When I tried the windows search bar, I found it, but clicking it gave me a 'this shortcut refers top a place that has be removed or changed' script. I foolishly had Windows remove the shortcut, but found that the other launches still ran the label program and sound editor program. eyerolling and tired of typing in the product key, I did one more uninstall and reinstall, but still the icons were not added. I cannot launch the program at all, and am quite peeved. I cannot find anything the the program files that would launch the program. are there any solutions to this? thanks for your help.

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No, I meant that there are no icons anywhere on my computer to launch the program. Not even in the Program Filesx86 folder.


When i search "roxio"



or under "all Programs"



Do you show a entry in control panel program and features old windows add remove programs?


Run a repair after following below.


Preparing your computer for installing Roxio products >>http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000080GN

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