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Ps 6 Keeps Scrolling



I am using PS 6, build 872 on an HP s5310f, 4gb mem, 600gb hd, Win 7 and Norton 2011.

I have a 3 part photo show comprised of approx 900 photos.

Today, when I opened Part 1 of 3, near the end I want to rearrange some of the music (mp3) so that it blends from one photo segment into the next segment. However I'm having a problem doing that.

When I open the ps, scroll down to the photo where I want to change the music, no matter what I click on (photo, next song and delete, or just click on the song to move it), the entire ps starts scrolling back to the beginning. No matter what I do, I can't stop the scrolling. Once it gets to the beginning I try to go back to my edit point and it starts scrolling back again.

If I click on preview, pause, then Music and Photos, it always scrolls back to the beginning wherever I click on a photo.

In addition, when I click on a photo, when it starts scrolling, two photos (at the point I want to edit) are removed.

Any ideas what is happening and how do I stop it?

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I have the same problem! How did you fixt it? Thanks


300 images is a lot for a PhotoShow. Boomsong shows up periodically. You may have better luck using the envelop near his avatar to send him and invitation.


Are you trying to make a PhotoShow with a large number of images? I have experienced the scrolling issue but usually I can get around it. I've never had a problem with disappearing images.


What do you intend to do with the PhotoShow? Burn to a DVD or just share on line?


What build do you have? If this is really important and have no work around, contact PhotoShow tech support directly. Go here (link)

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