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Choppy Motion During Dvd Playback



Ok, read up a bit about this, and from what I can gather there's a de-interlacing problem.


However, the problem is only evident when using Toast default settings to create a DVD-Video, the same source video used when using iDVD default settings plays fine on either computer or physical DVD Player. The Toast created DVD plays fine on a computer, but in a physical DVD Player all motion is choppy.


This has to be an encoding setting, so before I get a load of suggestions, the encoding of HD Source 16:9 video onto a DVD or Blu-ray isn't suffering this problem, only when I have standard definition in 4:3 format does this problem arise when playing back a newly created video.


Now I haven't encoded standard definition for a long time, so the encoding setting hasn't been an issue, but does anyone know what settings I should use to encode standard definition 4:3 video onto a DVD using Toast 11 Pro?


My thanks and appreciation if you can answer this question and provide a solution.


Best regards,



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It might help for me know the actual specs of the source SD video. Toast has a custom encoder settings window where you can force whether to have the upper field or lower field first when Toast does the encoding. Choose Customize and then choose the Encoding tab in the window that appears and then click the Custom button. There you'll see the interlacing options. Unfortunately Toast doesn't tell you which field Toast is "automatically" choosing so you may need to pick one and see how it looks when played back on a DVD player. The video always is deinterlaced when playing on the Mac so you'll have to burn it to disc and view it on a DVD player to see what you get. If you have MPEG Streamclip or MediaInfo Mac you may be able to find which field is first in the Toast-created DVD so you know to choose the other one in Toast.


If your DVD player is connected to a HDTV with component cables it might work to choose 480P as its output setting in which case it will be deinterlaced. But if that does work it still won't play right on someone else's player so it makes sense to get the setting right in Toast.

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The source is Quicktime Movie, 720x576, DVC-PAL, Linear PCM, Colour Profile PAL (5-1-6).


It was originally analogue Video8/Hi8, but I've digitised it using a JVC SR-VS30 onto MiniDV, I tried various USB Video Converters and wasn't impressed with the quality when comparing the digitised images on a frame by frame basis, I felt I was losing even more definition.


I did notice the encoding options under Customize, so will probably commit to creating a few test DVDs with various settings and see what the playback is like on a physical DVD Player. You're right, it's Automatically choosing the wrong setting obviously.


I've got a bitrate calculator for Video and Audio onto DVD, which I normally rely upon to maximise bandwidth, and started to question my perfect record with encoding HD onto DVD. Thanks for pointing me to a solution to this SD encoding problem.


I may have a look at the source using MPEG Streamclip, just for interests sake.

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