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Cannot Append Data To A Dvd-R



I'm using Easy CD & DVD Burning 10.3 on my Dell Dimension E510 (running XP). I'm no longer able to append data to an appendable DVD-R. Even though the Roxio software recognizes the DVD-R as appendable and with lots of free space when I start a new session to add (append) new data Roxio kicks out the disk with the following message: "Please insert a blank or rewritable disk into your drive"


The DVD-R was not finalized. I have the option check to be able to append data. I removed and reinstalled the Roxio software, I updated the Roxio Software and also tried different DVD-r's but I still cannot append data.


Any ideas what could have gone wrong in my system?


Thank you.

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Zoom 99,


I'm hoping that you have Easy CD and DVD Burning version 10.3.104, same as I have. Is this what you see when you hit Help > About this software from the Home menu?


post-208-014837600 1330046327.jpg


Would you please insert your disc, go to Tools > Disc Info, and show us this information about your disc?


post-208-077589300 1330046446.jpg




Which application are you using when you try to append data to your disc, Data Disc or Creator Classic?. Is it the same application that made the disc so far?




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