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Unable To Finalize Bd-R



I burned a data disc project to BD-R. After burning completed, I re-inserted the disc. Creator 2011 indicates that the BD-R is open, multisession, data appendable. However, for my work environment, the disc must be closed so nothing else can be written to it. When I try the Finalize Disc option in the tools menu, Create presents a window saying "Please insert an appendable data disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media."


I've tried importing the disc and burning an empty session with the following options:

Type: Disc-at-Once (DAO), Closed

Write-Once DVD Compatability: I want to close the DVD


The session will burn successfully, but the disc still shows as open, multisession, data appendable.



I've had no luck finding instructions in my Google searches and searches of this forum.



Can anyone help?

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Also, the application used to burn the disc is Roxio Creator 2011 which shows up with the process RoxioCentralFx.exe


I just tested burning another BD-R using Creator Classic with the disc set to Read-Only. This one shows up as Closed.



Going forward, I'll definitely use Creator Classic, but I'm curious if there is a way to close the other discs I've already created with RoxioCentralFx.

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