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Burned Dvd Loads As Blank Media





I have some data DVDs containing backup files. I burned the DVDs on a PC that I don't have anymore, using an older version of Roxio, probably Creator Classic. This PC was running Windows XP Pro.


I am now trying to read the files off those DVDs on another PC running Windows XP Pro. When I load the DVD, Windows thinks the DVDs are blank. I have Roxio Creator 2010 on this PC and when I start Creator 2010 first and then load the DVD it also thinks the disks are blank. I also downloaded and tried a couple of DVD file recovery utilities and no luck with those. I took the DVDs to work and tried to read them on my work laptop which is running Windows 7, and that machine does not show the contents of the DVD, but shows that there is data written to it and reports that there is only a small amount of free space.


Doing some googling on this problem, my suspicion is that I did not close out the session when I originally burned the DVDs. The data on these DVDs is somewhat important, so I'd like to find a way to get to this data.


Does anyone have any recommendations of something I could try?





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I have Roxio Creator 2010


What does Get Disc Info say?


Easy Media Creator 9 and earlier versions of Roxio contained Drag to Disc (D2D) could that be what you used? It is UDF Packet writing software, format the disc then drag and drop files to the disc like a hard drive or floppy drive.


IsoBuster is a excellent tool I have recovered several disc's for different folks. It is a complicated and hard to learn program, most folks never get to their data using it but experienced users can recover the data. The free download won't recover the data only show you it's there. You have to buy the software to recover the data.


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