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Compress Blu Ray? Plus What Format To Give To Toast



I have two questions, I have a full disk copy from a blu ray ( no its not a copyrighted movie) It was a recorded movie on a DL blu ray and i was wondering if there is a way to compress it to fit a SL Blu ray on toast? You can with dvds but i can not seem to find out how to do it with blu rays. Its just a bunch of M2ts files.



And What formats work with toast 11 so toast 11 does not re-encode. Why does toast 11 re-encoded blu rays look so horrible? they skip and the frame rate is bad. The only way i could do it was compressor to toast but that took 31 hours for a 2 hour video.



And ideas thanks.

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I'm not an expert on this because so far I've done little with Blu-ray discs although I do have a Blu-ray burner. I'm confident that Toast cannot requantize HD video sources the way it does SD video DVDs because I've never heard a claim from Roxio that Toast can do that. The only thing you can do is add the .mts video file from the source Blu-ray disc to the Toast Video window and have Toast encode a new Blu-ray video at a bit rate that fits the standard Blu-ray disc.


As for never re-encoding, it seems to me with my little hands-on experience that never re-encode only seems to work when the source is MPEG 2 and not MPEG 4. I realize the horrendous encoding times. One thing I have yet to try is burning the source HD video as a DVD-Rom (UDF) data disc onto Blu-ray media. My reading of my Sony set-top player manual suggests it can play music, photos and videos from data discs. I just haven't tried it as yet. It also plays streaming video from my NAS hard drive which is what I use instead of burning discs.

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