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Showing Two Video Clips In One Window

Marijan Toncic


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I would like to show two video clips at once. How I can do that?


Go to the ADD CONTENT COLUMN, select ADD PHOTO/VIDEO and navigate to the first video file you want to use. Add it. Repeat this process for the second video clip you want to add.


Now, go to the TIMELINE button and select that. Scroll to the OVERLAY tracks listed there and you will see the tracks you have just added there displayed. You can actually shorten or lengthen them by clicking and dragging them. You can them size them in the display window above by dragging the corners and pulling them to position them in the areas of the screen where you want them to display.


Steve and Kari are two Roxio community members who have created training videos that address some of these issues. They are very easy to follow and are excellent training tools for those of us new to the Roxio/VideoWave environment.


Hope this helps.... WADE

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Please just post ONE QUESTION instead of spraying the same one across the board :(


It is done in VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced) with Overlays.


I these screen caps, I have the main movie on the Video Track and added another movie as an Overlay. That one can be resized or in this case it has a green panel which can be made transparent.


post-39730-047423000 1330859132.jpg


post-39730-097959900 1330859135.jpg


post-39730-021906600 1330859139.jpg


post-39730-075397500 1330859142.jpg

These were also done on the Internal Track of the Movie, if you intend to add more than one Overlay you probably will not want to work on the Internal Track. - keep in mind each one you add is OVER the ones before it ;)


You can also have just a Color Panel on the Video Track and use nothing but Overlays to make your movie...


A couple of the regulars here have made some videos on this and more:


Steves (sknis) how to videos:


Karris how to videos:

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