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Prevent Toast 10 From Reencoding H.264 Video



Hey all,


I'm running Toast 10.0.9, MacOS X Lion (10.7.3), MacBook Pro 2.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with a Lacie BD Recorder.


I'm attempting to burn a Blu-ray disc with video I've already encoded into 1920x1080p 30fps, 15 Mbps AVC/H.264, audio AAC 192kbps Stereo. (Using a Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder)


I've tried many different settings: first manually setting the bitrate to match the source file (in addition to other bit rates), set reencode to NEVER, the rest Auto and set the audio to Dolby Digital Automatic. Toast still wants to reencode it though. I've also tried full auto and still Toast wants to reencode the video.


post-102867-077898300 1330989996.png


All I want Toast to do is convert the audio to Dolby Digital (or PCM would work too) and mux it with the video I've already encoded into a BD image. The video is already encoded in the right format, why is it trying to reencode it?



After searching through the discussion boards regarding this topic, I couldn't find an answer. Any thoughts?

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I don't think there is any satisfactory answer. The only time I've seen Toast not re-encode is when the source is MPEG 2. Also, even with MPEG 2 Toast will re-encode the video if it needs to encode the audio or if it finds the video to be out of spec. There is no way that I'm aware of to avoid re-encoding of your source video.

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