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Blu Ray Disc Doesn't Play Smoothly..



I work for a little filmmaking company and we made a film and want to make blu ray copied of it.

Right now when we make a blu ray disc, it only plays smoothly in some machines. Unfortunately we do not have another blu ray movie to test out to see if there are any problems with the machines.


A. On a windows using Windows Media Player it plays ok.

B. On one Mac using VLC it doesn't load well as in it stops every couple seconds and loads and plays again...

C. On a different Mac using a demo version of Bluray Player it played smoothly

D. On a PS3 it plays but it is unbalanced. This one is very hard to explain. The sound is ok, but the video quality kind of keeps coming in and out and it kind of bounces back and forth so it's not smooth at all.



I would obviously like it to play smoothly on all machines. What can I do to make it work? The following is the steps I followed to copy the blu ray.


The entire process was done on a Mac running Snow Leppard

1. Final Cut Pro export to .mov of 240GB

2. Toast 10 Titanium with Blu ray plug in, we first made a .disc file of 21GB on the desktop with "Save to Disc." - Process too about 8hours.

3. Toast 10 Titanium - Copy Image File section, we dragged the .disc file and burnt it into a BD-R disc (Verbatim BD-R LTE disc) using an external drive (http://www.iodata.jp/product/storage/blu-ray/brd-uh8s/ sorry its in Japanese cause we are located in Japan) Process took about 1.5h.

4. Once the burning finished, we took it out and played it and saw problems with it.


Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.

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I'm not an expert on this but I do know from reading many posts that inconsistent playback problems are rather common. Part of this is probably due to Blu-ray continuing to be evolving. That's why so many firmware updates have been released for Blu-ray burners and players. From your description you've done everything you are supposed to do. One thing to try is to use MPEG 4 instead of MPEG 2 (or vice versa) as the encoding format. This is selected in Toast's custom encoder settings window. I don't know how long your video is but too high a bit rate can also cause video to not play back smoothly on some devices.


Toast 11 is different from Toast 10 so that also may cure the problem. If you buy Toast 11 as a download Roxio has a 30-day refund policy so you can get your money back if you find that it doesn't meet your needs. I don't know if that's the same in Japan but you can check that out.


If you install Toast 11 and its Blu-ray plugin it disables the Toast 10 Blu-ray plugin. So if you decide to go back to Toast 10 you need to run the Toast 10 Blu-ray plugin installer again.

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