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Creator 2012 Purchase-Probably My Mistake



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can't share,never asks for email address. can't save, never asks where to save it. missing face filter, or is that something else I have to buy? ARGH!! Level of frustration?...10 haven't even tried video or music.


I have no idea what you are trying to explain.

Share what? Who doesn't ask for an e-mail address.? Save what? Save where?......

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:lol::D:lol: since it is not 'Video' and it not 'Music' and none of this exists in 'Data', may we assume you are under the Photo tab???


I am guessing from there you are using Email...


post-39730-037481400 1331379072.jpg


You should get the Add Photo Screen (with conversion info):


post-39730-035142200 1331379074.jpg


Then your message should pop up:


post-39730-050199800 1331379077.jpg

(this assumes you pointed it to your default email program ;) )


FaceFilter Studio 2, is a Separate Program and not found in the Creator 2012 interface :huh:


It is located in your Start Menu:


post-39730-077823200 1331379054.jpg


Edit: One of the other regulars here just reminded me we did discover a fluke in the email last September! (i forgot - thanks karri!)


You have to turn off the HTML formating for it to work right:


post-39730-029153000 1331382648.jpg


post-39730-043850300 1331382650.jpg

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Thank you for your input. The email issue was resolved by un-clicking the HTML box. Took me days to install the facefilter because I couldn't find the product serial # for registering it. Once located,(after much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth) it too was resolved. Thanks again. :)

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Jim, I was just browsing the forum and would like to complement you for thinking thru what was asked and providing an answer with screen shots. If other moderators would take the time and not belittle folks Roxio would be better off.

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