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Result Code= -50



I'm using Popcorn 4.0.2 on my iMac running OSX 10.6.8 and converting .mts files from my Sony Handycam to .mov files. I've converted 157 files with no problem, but one of the files continually gives me the error "Couldn't complete the last command because (ID=-50) Result Code= -50". I've searched the web and this forum finding only info about getting files off of a DVD, not converting from .mts. Nor have I found any explanation of what that code means.


The .mts files all have the following same codices Video:H.264/AVC, 1920x1080, 29.97fps Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 48000 Hz


I have converted all of them with following custom quality settings: Video Compression: H.264 Frame Rate:29.97 Key Frames: Automatic Frame reordering:yes Quality: Best Encoding mode: multi-pass Data rate: Automatic Dimensions 1920x1080 Deinterlace Source Video: yes

Sound Format:AAC Sample rate:44.100 kHz Channels: Stereo (L R) Quality: Normal Encoding Strategy: Average Bit Rate Target Bit Rate: 128 kbps


I've tried comparing the original .mts files that worked with the original .mts file that did not work and have found no differences in them. I've also tried converting the file directly from the camera's SD card and from the copy on my hard drive with no change. They were all recorded on the same day, on the same camera, with the same sd card. The file that is triggering the error message is #153 out of 157


Is there something I can try with the quality settings that may work? Thanks for your assistance in advance!

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I can't explain why you're getting this error on that one video. Does it happen when the video is added to the Toast window or during the conversion? If it is the latter you might try trimming off some of the beginning or end of the video to see if that makes any difference (if Popcorn's editor works on .mts files). Does you camera support any in-camera editing? What I'm thinking is that maybe there is a way to get most of the video transferred.

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Well, this is slightly embarassing. So I opened it up in the editor and I believe the reason it was registering the error is because the clip is only two frames long. I looked at it on another computer that used imovie 09 to import it and it was indeed only two frames in duration. Thanks for the help anyway! :)

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