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Dvd Menus And Player Compatibility



I had an older version of Creator that I cannot run now in Windows 7 (or XP Mode VM).


Two other software I tried create DVDs that are OK on any computer and on some other DVD players, but not MY player (which has never had a problem with any commercial DVD). This is some sort of DVD menu format problem - NOT a media problem - since the same video can be used to create a no-menu disk that works. (I have been using strictly Verbatim DVD+R for years since I know they work for my equipment.)


I am considering Creator 2012, but I am concerned that it may use a menu format which is not compatible with my player and don't wish to go through the purchase/refund ordeal. Could someone create a very small ISO with a simple two video menu in Creator 2012 to share so I can perform my own test?

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No such thing as a 'menu format'...


But there are (were) 2 ways to burn a DVD Movie.


Of course DVD Movie but there is also a DVD VR Movie...


The later does not enjoy wide compatibility and was dropped in along the way! It did offer the advantage of being able to Edit the movie on the disc. (not much good if you can't view it :lol: )


Any of this sound familiar??? (there would be a VIDEO_RM folder on the disc if a VR Project was used)


Creator 2012 does not have this "feature" and you can burn with or without Menus, so you should be good to go ;)

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