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No Video Signal Detected


I bought Creator 2011 Special Edition (with Easy VHS to DVD Build 201B28A, C13 bundled) last year and installed it on my Windows 7 Pro desktop. It has only been the past week that I've had a spare VHS player to use it. When I attempt to capture a VHS tape output the s/w reports "No Video Signal". I know the signal is good because I can plug it directly into the TV set and it is good.


I have verified that the Device Manager entries are present as mentioned in another thread


Screen capture is attached.


Is there any way to troubleshoot the Video Capture USB hardware?


I note on the Roxio website that there is an upgrade to Easy VHS to DVD v. 3 software. Could this solve the problem? Does the upgrade contain upgraded hardware?


I'm still working a different problem regarding installing Creator 2011 on my laptop (running Windows 7 Home Premium) instead of my desktop (running Windows 7 Professional). This is on a different thread.



Thanks for any help.



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