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Replace Audio On Trimmed File? (Dvd3 Plus



Okay, before I really go do this the hard way, I'm wondering if I have a trimmed project(so to speak) saved on the hard drive, is there an easy way to replace ONLY certain portions of the audio track within that file? I know this amounts to recording over the soundtrack in certain places, but wondering if there is an easy way I haven't thought of???? Thanks! B)

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The software was never intended to go that deep...


The full Suite can do that with relative ease ;)


A thought... If you 're-record' that portion, you could connect the White/Red Audio cables to another source...


Likewise, you should be able to change the Recording Device for only the audio portion during that recording.


You would also need to "split" you current file and output a clip for the, Before and After, of the section you wish to replace...


If you need some help with that, let us know :)

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I'm thinking I will just play the old game of having two sources(Video and audio) and moving over the audio cables when required while pausing video. It really amounts to having an ~18 minute segment at the beginning that I want music with the video, then x amount of sound from the video source, then about ~8 more minutes of music to the end. I've done it in the past(the old days) with two VCR's and a CD player. Now it will just be one VCR and CD player feeding this program on the laptop. Once I get the timing down, I'll be fine....good news is there is transition time in-between those segments where the video taken with the original camcorder was faded to black at the end of each segments(and it is rather long), so that gives me room. :lol:

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Yes those 'fades' do give you some wiggel room :lol:


If you think you are going to do this type of editing a few times a year, consider moving up to the full suite...


In there you can add your clips, split it before and after where you want your music (trim out some of the fades if you like) and mute the native audio for that part. Then just drop your music on Audio Track it is will play.


OR you can have both the native Audio and the Music Track playing, OR any other combination you can think of ;)


You don't need fades anymore either... There are so many transitions included it will boggle your mind :lol:

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Thanks to both of you....................I was pretty sure it was Creator 2012 that I was after, but just wanted to make sure. It wasn't 100% clear to me that it would do all that I needed when I read all of the info on it.

Any input on "Standard" vs. "Pro"?

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