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Apple Prores Qt To Blu Ray - Need Help


Hello all


First post I have a Short film that I am trying to burn to Blu Ray using Toast 10.0.9.


The file is Apple ProRes QT 41GB and it runs 30 minutes.





I have burned two Blu Rays already One in Mpeg 4 and the sound went off synch the second one burned in synch using Mpeg 2, although I feel the video does not look as good. My QT was generated at a my post house from the color timing session.


My concerns/questions are:


1) Why does the 41GB file compress down to 6GB. Is there a way to have the file less compressed? Would it be less compressed in Toast 11?


2) Is there a definitive guide to the best setup for my project? There seems to be an infinite amount of variables when going into custom encoding and each encoding session takes 3-6 hours so I don't want to spend a week experimenting.


3) Should I use Mpeg 2 or Mpeg 4?


NAny Help with this would be greatly appreciated.





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Toast's encoder has trouble with audio sync with 23.98 or 24 fps videos. The fact the audio remained in sync with the MPEG 2 video tells me that's format you should choose. Don't worry about the file size. MPEG encoding is much compressed compared to your source. That's the how it's supposed to be. Since your video is only 30 minutes you can increase the bit rate for the encoding. Don't set it too high or there may be stuttering in play back. I'd move the two settings up about half the distance remaining on the scale. Also, turn on Half-pel as that improves quality as well.

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Here's the solution I found. I just finished using this technique with ProRes HQ 1080psf 23.98 and it worked great.

Wish you luck


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