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Label Printing Outline



Hi friends.

This is my first post in this forum.

My trouble is the following.

I need to print the DVD case label without outline. This is not possible if I use in my project any background kind by "style selection". In fact in the printing GUI the item "Print the outline...." is grayed-out then it is not possible to modify it. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

As temporary workaround, I use only immages (not background) reducing the transparency.


Thank you for any help, and have a nice weekend. :)




SO: Win 7

Programme: Roxio Creator 2012 PRO


P.S.: Sorry about my english



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Thank you for your reply, but I have found the reason of the trouble described in my first post. The item "Print booklet outline" became grayed-out only when I use the proper tool to modify (see image n. 1) a background image o color as background (see image n. 2). If I add an image as background, instead, the item "Print booklet outline" remains active (see image n. 3).

A temporary workaround is setting the "Print booklet outline" before to insert a background by menu.

I guess that is a small bug of this program. I hope an update will be done.

n. 1 roxiolabelcreatoroutlin.th.png


n. 2 roxiolabelcreatoroutlin.th.png


n. 3 roxiolabelcreatoroutlin.th.png





Giampaolo :)

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