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Dla Udf File Issue




i am new here and appologize in advance if this has been asked before.


I use xp sp3. my machine has sonic DLA installed. recently my dvd drive has stopped being able to read ANY udf coded files stored on a dvd disk. i dont know what to do to fix this. everywhere i look i see all kinds of conflicting advice from download roxio burn, to turn off dla, to use this and that software to see if you can read the disk etc...


could someone PLEASE tell me what i need to do to be able to read udf coded files off a dvd?




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UDF is a file system, not a method of encoding. Video DVDs have a UDF file system, and so do DLA's packet-written discs.

I think what you're saying is that your DLA has broken and you can no longer read DLA's data discs. Is that right?


The various programs which use this UDF packet-writing method [DLA, Drag-to-Disc, Direct CD, InCD, etc] were a good solution in their day, but suffered compatibility problems, unexplained stoppages, and a host of other problems. This leads to suggestions to not use it, such as 'turn it off' and 'use Roxio Burn' [a substitute program which looks similar and feels a little similar, but actually uses a totally different system].


Where people had a few broken discs with vital files on them, the advice is to try and recover the files off the broken discs with commercial disc recovery programs such as CDRoller or ISOBuster.


If you can suddenly no longer read any of your DLA packet-written discs, it would seem that your DLA software has broken or something installed on your system has trodden on it. I'd suggest that you locate your installer disc, and then completely uninstall DLA. Once you've done that, tidy up your system [a disk cleanup to delete temp files and flush caches etc], and then reinstall DLA.


If some file has been corrupted or a registry key broken, this complete uninstall and then reinstall is your best chance for restoring the software to factory condition. That is what I suggest you try.




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