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Individual Loop In Each Video Dvd Or Bluray



i need make a DVD or Bluray project with 3 videos

is possible set a loop function in each video separately, NO function ¨play all items continuesly¨

i need each video LOOP independent !!


play 1 video, start an star again until i press stop and return to the main menu


is possible in toast 11?


tks a lot!

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No that isn't possible with Toast. However, you may be able to have an individual title continuously loop with a command on your Blu-ray or DVD player.


uuhhh is very easy to programate!!! in IDVD (soft the apple) is possible and simple and quick !!! but in Idvd isn't possible blurry project !!! aim screuww....

people from roxio!! help in TOAST 12 new feature!! please!!!



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