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Having A Problem With My Dvd Express



Every time I try to add an AVI movie file that I downloaded (and can watch the movie on my laptop) to my dvd express so I can burn a dvd that will play in any dvd player I get the following error message.


"The file you are trying to use can not be edited and has not been added"


I am using Easy cd/dvd buner 2012. I have also tryed Nero 7. Nero 7 will burn the dvd. But when I try to finalize the dvd in Nero 7. Nero 7 says that it can't read the info on the dvd that Nero 7 just burned. But the dvd plays fine in the laptop but not in the dvd player in my flat screen tv. I need to get this movies I d/l to my hard drive moved to dvd so I can free up hard drive space Can someone please help me.



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Confusing? :lol:


With Nero, you are making a Data DVD. That is why it is not playable in your DVD Player :huh:


"DVD Movies" are not a bunch of files slapped on a DVD but rather they are created (Rendered) into a specific format and the disc is formated to the specifics of a 'DVD Movie'.


The files you are attempting to add that are being rejected are in a format that is not recognized by MyDVD Express... About all you can do in that case is to pass them through a 3rd party converter before you attempt to use them. Here are a couple we have used and recommend:


AVS4YOU Converter:


Any Video Converter

Let us know how you make out.

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Yes reble,


Your AVIs are probably encoded with the XviD or DivX codec, which are disabled in this 'reduced functionality' software.


The full version Creator software will handle that, but unless you want to buy the full version you'll have to do what Jim suggests, and convert the videos to a format that MyDVD Express is allowed to handle.

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