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Track Merging



Hi.When I was using Easy CD Creator 5, I could dl a cd to the hd then merge all the tracks into one continous file,less clutter in the folder.

With Media Creator 10 I don't seem to be able to that.Perhapsit's not possible or I'm too old and stupid to work it out.Any help greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Please provide the Version info that Brendon asked for so we can get this Topic in the proper Forum ;)


But the answer is the same, Sound Editor.


Pick the Tracks to Import:

post-39730-087530600 1334315127.jpg


Select the ones to combine (Control-Click to add) then Join Clips:

post-39730-098074500 1334315130.jpg


Export Clip
(note how the dividers are gone)

post-39730-029154400 1334315135.jpg


Note the Location and Name it what you want:

post-39730-035924400 1334315137.jpg


And There they are:

post-39730-011339000 1334315139.jpg

That should give you what you are after ;)

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