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Video Convert Has Stopped Working

Tom Mullica



I go to copy/convert

I click the convert video tab and select 'video' for output.

I click movies in the source.

I click my drive number at the left of the screen then highlight the video file on the right.

I click the monitor icon at the top of the page which opens the preview movie window.

I close the window knowing it's the clip I want.

I click OK at the bottom of the window which opens a video copy & convert window.

Before it can cach the title, it opens another window - ROXIO VIDEOCONVERT HAS STOPPED WORKING. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. NOTHING!!!

This has been going on ever since I bought Roxio...It's driving me nuts. Help.

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Follow the Prep Steps to the letter!


Then start to Install the Program, only choose Repair when it is offered.


See what that does for you ;)


THANKS. I did discover something just a bit ago. If I put a commercial DVD (one that is not copy protected) and try to convert/copy ... it works fine. It goes to the caching title window and all works fine. So, I think the software is OK but problem happens when I insert a DVD I made myself. I have a video library that I created myself. I record on DVD-R blanks then finalize as usual. I can play these homemade discs fine on all my equipment (computers and DVD players) but seem to have problems copy/converting them in Roxio. Do you think it's the kind of DVDs I'm using?


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Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem as Tom. I've been trying to convert several DVDs I've recorded myself into MPEG2, and it only seems to successfully "catch the title" some of the time. The rest of the time I get the same "Roxio Videoconvert Has Stopped Working" message. Eventually, I realised that the video convert was working perfectly with DVD-R discs as the source, but would not work with any +R discs. Similarly, it works fine with commercial recordings without copy protection. Ironically, most of the recordings I want to convert are on +R discs! Looking at the package in the "Input" section, I see that only DVD- is listed. Is this really the case- ie, will Roxio Creator NXT really only work with DVD-R discs? Is there any way round this?

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