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Hummm :glare:


the Red Box has NEVER been available as a download, only as a boxed purchase in a store or sometimes mail order from a vendor (never Roxio)...


So just what is it you really have? Or... where did you find a download???


Assuming you do indeed have the Red Box version, the short answer is, you can't... :huh:


But a possible work around would be using the Project Settings in combination with a No Menu DVD to produce one without a menu.


post-39730-099471900 1335093444.jpg

You can tinker with the presets and try various settings to see what they look like. (keep notes ;) )


post-39730-032738400 1335093447.jpg


post-39730-019154400 1335093450.jpg


post-39730-099637800 1335093451.jpg

You will have to seek out the proper files in the Folder you create (VIDEO_TS look for the *.VOB files) and change the extension to *.MPG.


There will TIME limits this way but it may be enough to give you what you are after ;) IF NOT, define you project and the problems you are having AFTER you try this, and we can revisit it!


FYI: the full suite has an Export to YouTube button... If your doing a lot of this, might be worth looking into ;)

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