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Best Settings To Archive Vhs?

Barry J

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I recently installed this program (3plus) with plans to transfer old VHS tapes to digital format to prevent further loss in quality and to archive them for the future. This being my goal, I'm interested in capturing the maximum quality that the VHSs can provide (granted, not great). When I look at the captured files, The extension does not display, stating only that it's a "Movie format".


I've read that capturing in AVI is the best, although I know that there are other formats (WAV, MPEG2...). What would be my best bet? What should be the Capture settings and when time, what should the burn settings be? I know that I can choose 720 X ? but I see that some "experts say that that's over kill for the quality that the VHS provides.


I guess my questions are these:


1. What should the capture settings be to maximize quality?

2. What format is the Captured video in?

3. What should the Burn settings be?


Thanks for the help.



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Pretty easy ;)


EVD3 captures at ONE Setting, and there are NO Choices :lol:


It will be mpg & 720 X 480 @ 8224 kbps.


post-39730-044175600 1335295325.jpg

(note the
Folders also located in teh EVD3 Folder)

You can see it in Explorer but you have yours set so that it does not show Extensions for Known Files ;)


If you would like to change that, go to the Control Panel (Vista & Win7):


post-39730-069687400 1335295327.jpg


post-39730-099193200 1335295331.jpg

As far as Output goes, DVD Best Quality is the way to go. With Video, you cannot really make them better than the source... :(


You could also use the Computer output choice if you only want to produce a vidoe file.

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