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[Toast 11.0.6] Audio Cds Have Odd Disc Title



We have Toast v11.0.6 running on Mac OS X 10.6 (Leopard)


When burning an Audio CD, we specify the title to be something like "My Audio CD". However, after burning is completed and we insert the CD into a Mac, the disc's title shows up (either under 'My Computer' or on the OS X desktop) as something like "Sanjan-Rehfu-Teirjah-s267".


We are burning typical .AIFF PCM-audio files, which have generic names like 001.aiff, 001a.aiff, 022.aiff, etc., and when we do a "Get Info" on the files they don't seem to have any extra meta-data, so the disc's title seems unrelated to the files themselves.


  • Does the disc's title need to be set somewhere different than the field above the track list?
  • Where would Toast be getting this bizarre name from?


Appreciate any and all replies and suggestions - Thanks in advance!

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My guess is that the audio CD received the title from the online CDDB the first time the burned disc was re-inserted into the Mac's drive. As you noted, there is no metadata with an audio CD. So it should appear on the desktop as "Audio CD" and each track should be generic as well. However, when an audio CD is not yet recognized the OS automatically seeks artist/album/track info from the CDDB that matches the number of tracks and track lengths that is in that database. If a match appears it writes that info to the cdinfo database file on the Mac. Afterwards, each time you insert the disc the information is read from that database file. Apple doesn't allow third parties (such as Toast) to write to the cdinfo database. The only way to change that information is to edit it in iTunes.


In the future it may work for you to make certain your Mac is not online to the Internet the first time you insert an unrecognized audio CD that you want to remain generic.


If you want the info entered in Toast to be the info that appears on the Mac – and you burned the audio CD with CD Text enabled – then go to dougscripts.com and download/install the "CD Text to cdinfo" applescript. This then appears in the scripts menu of iTunes. It's name describes what it does.

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My guess is that the audio CD received the title from the online CDDB the first time the burned disc was re-inserted into the Mac's drive.


Wow, thank you for the very thorough and very helpful answer! You nailed the issue right on the head - It's iTunes trying to match the CD up with the online CDDB. My colleague unfortunately went through several CD-Rs before we read your reply and learned there was actually nothing wrong with them.


Oh well, we learned something new today and ended up with a bunch of flashy coffee-mug coasters. (Technically nothing wrong with them, of course.) Thanks again!

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