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Music Disc Creator Not Burning!



After compiling my music list using Music Disc Creator (Creator 2011), it will not burn my disc. When I click 'Burn', it will write table going to 2% and then will go no further! I have ruined 6 or 7 CD's while retrying!This just started recently. It worked fine before. I have tried a Roxio repair and even re-installed the program. Still no luck.

I have tried burning a video dvd with success! I have also burned a music CD using the program supplied with the computer with success.

I'm using Win7.


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It sounds like it could be a problem with one of the tracks you're trying to use.

Try removing some and then rewriting it.If that doesn't work try a few more.


If I remember correctly in the past when this issue came up with other versions it usually ended up being an issue with 1 certain track the software didn't like.

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