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.m2Ts Files ...

Ice Cubez


I've been editing .m2ts files with this program no problem for about a month now.


Today ... for some unknown reason it has decided to stop allowing me to do so.





This picture is taken when I attempt to open up a previously saved file. What the hell happened? The only thing I can think of that may have conflicted with it is I recently started watching blu-ray movies with Roxio CINEPlayer, and had to update it. Is this the problem?

post-98608-011242900 1336364833.png

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Is this really the very first time you have ever seen a Program need repaired??? ;)


It could be the file has been corrupted but most likely it is something else that corrupted the Roxio Suite. (Registry Cleaners are big offenders)


Try these steps:


Follow the Prep Steps to the letter!


Then start to Install the Program, only choose Repair when it is offered.


Reboot and see what happens.

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