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Tivo Transfer



Hi everyone,

I just purchased Toast 11 so I can use the TiVo Transfer feature. I hooked it all up and it worked at first. It was really slow, but I was able to download some recordings and convert them. That worked for couple hours and then the connection got lost. I couldn't get it work ever since. My TiVo can be found by my TiVo transfer software anymore. Has anybody experienced this problem before?


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You probably need to restart your TiVo. This can be done by unplugging it. It also can be done by using the non HD menu and you'll find a restart option somewhere in the Setup menu. I don't recall where off the top of my head but that's how I've done it because I hate the idea of unplugging it to reboot. Still, that's what happens in a power outage so maybe it's an okay way to go.

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