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Video Issue?




Just bought the latest version of Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus

Running on Win7. Intel 2.8.RAM 2. Std DVD burner with 60Gb free on H/D

Yes, USB is connected to the "enhanched" USB 2.0

Loaded software but had issue with display of video( screen black with warning) audio OK ( at this time)

Rebooted system & all seemed to be working

Had a play to see it all worked & created a DVD which worked on a blueray

Today, started using the software & it back to not displaying video & the audio is patchy ( ie:- would look like a caching issue )

The video display screen is now switching from black with warning to green with no warning & audio is patchy.

When trying to stop software it refused! So had to ( after 20min of trying with Task Manager)

So I warm booted system. All re-started OK but still have this issue

Ran repair no change

Am up for suggestion............

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Sounds like your PC is the problem, probably the Video Card...


List your PC Specs, like I have in my signature block, and include your Video Card info.


Of course updating your Video Card and Software is always a good idea as they change them almost monthly! :lol:

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Thanks for the reply

System :- ANTEC SX600II case

Intei Pent 4 CPU 2.8GHz 512k S478 800Mhz FSB-HT

RAM 2.0

32 bit

Windows 7 Prof with SP1

"Windows Experience Index" = 2.7

V/Card :- Nvida


Burner :- Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D ATA


The structure to the enhanced USB 2.0 connection as shown per attached


Thanks again for your help


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Well that is interesting <_<


You have mentioned twice that you have an Enhanced USB Port, WHY???


Are you getting an error message about it?


I do notice a difference in your Device Manger vs mine...




That indicates the Drivers were not loaded properly... With the Roxio USB Device plugged in, change the View to Device by Type:




Then expand Sound Video and Game Controllers section and you should see these 2 Exact Entries!




Is that what you see?

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Just bought the latest version of Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus


Was that a boxed version with the USB Device or the Software only upgrade?


Might explain the drivers shown in device manager if you were upgrading a older version.



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#1 Bought the "box set" brand spanking off the shelf & have no type of this software on my system

Reason for this product was it could/should cover transfering my VHS & Analog Audio to Digital

#2 Comment regarding Enhanced USB Port was referencing several comments on this product should be inserted into this type ( no error message )

#3 The double up of the "Roxio Video Capture USB".One was referencing in Properties/Details "Roxio Video Capture USB" & the second was referencing in Properties/Details "USB Audio Device"

I have the structure you show on the screen shots but double the reference

So , go disable these "USB Audio Device" or remove all traces & start again?


Thanks for your replys

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Thanks for clearing up the 'USB 2' question.


From the pictures it appears that the device was improperly installed... Several steps need to be followed accurately to make it right ;)


1. Turn off your Anti Virus during these steps! (it can interfere with installs)

2. Plug in the USB Device and in Device Manager, delete
entries for it.


REMOVE the USB Device
and Reboot.

(Do Not plug in the USB Device!)


4. Insert your EVD3 disc and start to Install the software, only choose
when it is offered.


5. Remove disc and Reboot your PC (you may restart your AV at this point)


Only now should you insert the USB Device and with a little luck, it should work as expected ;)

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Followed your directions to the letter

On rebooting system an error came up & stated there was an error with removing EDV3 ( but was too quick to read all of it )

Once got to the stage of inserting the USB Windows stated it was installing the drivers for it ( this also happened on the original install )

On checking the Device Manager it showed 2 x Roxio Video Capture USB ( details as before 1 x Video & 1 x Audio )

Tried the software but same result sound but no video

Went to Device Manager & disabled Audio( 2nd line ) & tried software again

This time I had Video but no audio

Enabled Audio & back to no Video

Will go through the steps again :angry2:


Will keep you posted & thanks for your help

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Maybe just maybe this is my problem??

Have removed sofware then went to check if any drivers were still availible

Saw that Device Manager structure as follows

USB Root Hub > USB Composite Device>Roxio Video Capture USB ( USB Audio Device, which states it working )

> Unknown Device (No driver installed but details show 2 seperate Hardware Ids)




Will remove both Roxio Video Capture device USB ( Audio ) & the Unknown Device

& will start again tomorro!!!!!!!

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Hi, All

Finally got a chance to get back onto this problem

Removed all traces ( as requested previously ) & believe I had done so.

Re-Installed from scratch the same way I had previously. including disabling antivirus

But I must have been holding my mouth correctly this time as it's up & running :D


What changed?

But thanks to all who had an input

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Because you removed the faulty drivers this time and the correct ones were installed ;)


With Windows and USB Devices you almost never plug in the device until the software is installed...


There are exceptions but they are very rare!


Also note that we never said to 'remove' the software only to run the Repair :huh: Saves some of the hassle.


We will keep our fingers crossed but if something else pops up or you just have a question, post back!

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¿como puedo identificar si mi capturadora de vídeo esta correctamente instalada?

me aparecen 2 entradas roxio video capture USB en el apartado de controladoras de vídeo y sonido


¿Donde puedo encontrar los driver para windows 10 y windows 7 ambos 64 bits?



translated into English with google translator


How can I identify if my video capture is correctly installed?
I found 2 roxio video capture USB ports in the section of video and sound controllers

Where can I find the drivers for windows 10 and windows 7 both 64 bits?



translated into English with google translator

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