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Sonic Recordnow V. 2,



I have Sonic RecordNow Audio, v. 2.0.0, in my Dell laptop I bought in 2005 or 2006. I have used it without problems until now. I have saved playlists under My Documents and I could always retrieve them. They now seem to be in M3U format, which RecordNow should be able to read. Yesterday I tried to get the file up and the message said "The file you selected could not be found on your system and has not been added." How did these files, always usable before, suddenly become unrecognized. And how can I get them to work again?



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What have you made these new M3U files with, and where have you put them?


An M3U file is a text file listing the songs to be played. The list must either show absolute addresses for the song files


C:\My Music\loudsong.mp3

C:\My Music\softsong.mp3


or it can list just the local names of the files as long as the M3U file is saved in the same folder as the files





If you've got a local M3U file with only filenames in it and you move the M3U file, RecordNow won't be able to find the songs, and you'll get the error you're seeing.


Try shifting the M3U file to the folder where the songs are, and then drag it from there to the 'Music to Burn' window of RecordNow.




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