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Maintain Camcorder Dvd Quality In Final Disk



Hi all, I apologize in advance if I just missed this somewhere else on the forum. I've been struggling with creating a menu'd DVD in that the video quality is much worse than the original files. The originals are from three different mini-DVDs recorded on a Canon. If I do a simple "no menu DVD" and add the three files, the resulting quality is identical to the original.


What I've been trying to do is to combine the three files in VideoWave such that they are treated as one movie in MyDVD (with a single set of chapters, etc). I exported from VideoWave using "MPEG2 DVD Best Quality", however the end result is worse.


Is there any way to have VideoWave simply combine the video files without re-encoding them? Or am I going about this all wrong (i.e. fixing a watch with a hammer).




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Not enough info but here is a thought or two...


When you bring them into MyDVD, what Quality setting are you using???




DVD's are based on TIME...


If you use Fit to Disc you let the Computer decide on the Quality and it makes poor choices :(


Keep in mind a 4.7 GB DVD holds about 1 hour of Movie!

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Is your Canon video better than 720 x 480 ?


DVD is 720 x 480 and you see when Roxio encodes at High Quality (HQ) it's a 9MB/s constant bitrate, that only allows about 1 hour on a single layer DVD and about 2 hours on a dual layer DVD.



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