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Hi I recently just noticed that in the 'Getting Setup' Tutorial for Xbox 360 the man plugs the Xbox 360 Component AV Cable into the Roxio the AV Cables goes fully in the Roxio without showing any of the gold bits.


(I took a print screen of the part of the 'Getting Setup' Xbox 360 tutorial where the AV Cables fully into the Roxio)



(This is how my AV Cable looks in the Roxio and as you can see compared to the photo above they look different)


I don't know if this is a major performance problem but I'm asking does your AV Cables go fully in or do they look like mine if they go fully in could you tell me how you made they go fully in or if yours is like mine then obviously that is the way it is supposed to look.




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Its just the way the company made them.....just Google component cables and you will see the different types.









Thank you for replying so fast. Will the way I have the AV Cable in my Roxio be different performance wise then if the AV component cables was fully in?




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