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Lightscribe - Where Are The Templates

Gig A.


Want to create a lightscribe label for a dvd/cd. I am using Roxio Creator 2012, went to music or video ( see attached rox lblr screenshot) then the next screen came up ( c attached rox lblr 2) but there is NO place to browse to a directory with your own .jpg's/pictures to add.

Where are the templates in rox lblr 2 attachment filed in Roxio Creator 2012 to be able to add your own templates/jpg's, etc.??


Thank you




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I read the post dated bck in 2007 but if you tried changing the style/background to your own those instructions did not work.


But I was determined how to select your own style and the following screenshots expain how.


Also if you try getting on the Lightscribe.com website you get the #14 attachment so that's no help.















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I can choose a lightscribe style (only 2 in my lightscribe selection) see attached scrnshot . No, you don't get a choice to use your own background.


The external HP Lightscribe drive installed Windows default drivers for the HP Lightscribe drive (didn't have original disk that came vwth this drive anyway), went to the HP website, didn't have any files/support for this drive either.

Tried changing it to the HP Drive in Roxio printer settings

This is how it looks in devices and printers dialogue box (see Aattached files)


It's an" Super Multi DVD Writer Model dvd940e-xh06', Got that info from the back of the physical drive I have.



What happens if you go to Lightscibe in the list.Do you get a choice to use your own background?





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Your last screen shot doesn't show your external HP Lightscribe drive in the list. You can create any design you want and print it to a Lightscribe disc,but the LS drive shows up in the Printer dialog.


Is your drive turned on?


Otherwise I'm not sure why it shows up in Windows and not in the Print dialog .... maybe one of the guys can help with that? Once you get that solved, then you should be able to create any design you want with your own images and backgrounds.

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Are there any more "printer" listed if you use the drop down option. Yes, that down arrow has never looked right.


For the drivers, go to the LightScribe web site and download that AND as many templates that you wish. For some reason, my computer always forgets that I do have a light scribe drive and if I want to use it, I have to reinstall the drivers. Go here for the drivers (right side of page)


Just a note: If you enable a light scribe drive correctly, it becomes the default. If you try to change the printer, the program needs to complete rendering the light scribe preview first. There is no way to change it. I find it more trouble than it is worth especially since you have the Artisen printer.

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Your USB Device isn't being recognized as a LightScribe device and your drop down arrow doesn't show any more devices like mine does.


I think you need a HP driver for the USB DVD Device plus the LightScribe LS_Update_1.18.24.1_.exe.


Under the LifgtScribe control panel does your HP LightScribe Drive show?


HP has the worst drive ID system I have ever seen! Go here and try and find the drive you own and search for a driver for it.











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