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Creator 2012 Does Not See My Rewriteable Disc


Hi Guys, tried to use a rewriteable DVD disc to backup some videos.

On some other software it recognises disc needs to be erased and does it automatically as part of the procedure.

Found how to do that with Creator i.e. do it as a seperate task before using the disc to write on.

"insert a blank disc" is all I get. Not a mega problem as I can use other disc stock but am I missing something?

I am trying to use a Maxell disc

Thank you

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All RW media is flaky and burn speeds are slow and cause more problems than they are worth in my opinion.
I use Verbatim DVD+RW 8x. Very reliable and fast. I have several that get used every week recording TV shows for my sister. The +RW is more compatible with her DVD player. Those 30 cents would add up quickly just for watching a TV show once.

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