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Switching Sources When Recording



I have my computer and consoles all set up to my television (So I use my television as my PC monitor). I originally thought that I could set RGC to record the console, switch channels on my television and then play the game. Unfortunately, when I tried this the recording ends. Is there any way to counter this or would using a second monitor work?


Also, while I'm here, I can only record my PS3 in 576p. Is there anyway to be able to record in 1080p or i?





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The monitor you're using for the PC shouldn't matter.You wouldn't even need a monitor but then it'd be kinda hard to see what you're doing.


If you are connected to 2 separate inputs on the TV I don't see what difference it should make which one you actually watch.


As far as the resolution the RGC does not capture in Hi-Def.

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