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Remove Divx Add-On From Firefox



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Go to the top toolbar Tools > Addons (or use Ctrl+Shift+A)

Type in the name of the Addon in the top right search bar of the Add-ons Manager, and click the post-208-0-13713200-1339884548.jpg search icon.

Select 'My Add0ons' and locate the Add-on you want to remove.



Bottom right of the entry for that add-on should be buttons including Disable and Remove.

Use one of them.

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You can disable it - it doesn't actually do anything unless you are watching streaming video and there's no performance hit.


If you think that's bad, check the add-ons in Internet Explorer sometime (they're even worse).


Remember - a browser is just an extension of the overall operating system and when you install any application, it is added to the OS where necessary (whether it's the registry, browser, start menu or whatever)

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