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Preview Is Unlike The Export

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I am fairly new to Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. When I record from my VCR I sometimes see the weird diagonal lines at the top. I use the "tracking" on my VCR to get rid of these lines. I then preview my recording before I go to export. During this preview there are no lines; the quality is perfect. When I export, however, the annoying lines end up in the final product. I have tried it in low quality, medium quality, and high quality, all having the same result. I do not think it is my VCR because I am getting a nice result in my preview, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know what is causing this and how I may fix it?


Attached are snapshots of what I see with the preview and what I see with the export.


I thank you in advance.



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Hmmm, this is interesting.

When I plugged it into my dvd player I got a singla cutting in and out and the video was in black and white. The noise was also just static. When I hooked it up to my other VCR, which has too many technical issues to make it a suitable replacement, the video worked perfectly. I guess it was just the player. Thanks.

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