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"export As" Button Launches The Installer ... What The .. ?

Ice Cubez


I haven't really had any problems when editing video files (.avi, .m2ts etc) in Roxio 2012's Videowave.


However, I fired it up last night, edited a video file ... then hit the "Export As" button at the top to select what file I want it rendered in and it launched the installer ... and then failed saying it couldnt find file ... then aborted ... only to auto-run the install file again!


I repeatedly hit cancel while it tried to run the installer about 4-6 times and then finally I was able to select the file I want it rendered it. So it worked ... but what is the deal with that? Everytime now when I hit the "Export As" button it launches the installer to which I have to keep hitting "Cancel" to stop it .. then it resumes normally....


Any ideas?

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unfortunately that link is broken


Yes it is but it worked yesterday. Perhaps there is some maintenance going on. Try again later. :(


Corel is rebranding many of the pages and forgetting that links may exist that are then broken.


Here is a link to the Kb database article. It is the same as the one linked above.

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