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This Is What Im Talking About!



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Go into Windows Device manager with the device connections plugged in. Right click to delete those entries Reboot your computer. Turn off your anti-virus. Run a repair on the software to make sure the right drivers are installed. Do not plug in the device until the repair is completed. Plug it in and try again.


Note: If you have a laptop, this is not for you. If you have a desktop, make sure that you are not using a USB hub or a USB on the front of the computer. There isn't enough power to run the device.

Since you have an older computer, make sure that it is a USB 2 port; a USB 1 or 1.1 will not work.


If you still have no improvement. Contact Roxio support or wait for someone else to help. I'm out of ideas and frustrated that I have to pull things from you.. You should be giving me more information than I need, Not just an item at a time and only after I have to remind you.

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Sorry, what is wrong with it though?


Having two posts running at the same time or with the problem you have?


Did you look at the wiring diagram? Are you using a SCART connector? Is Vista up to date or did you load W7 over Vista. Do you have the needed wires and are they connected correctly or are you substituted? Are you getting the signal to your computer?

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Please explain "can't record video" Does that mean you see the game on the TV and on the computer? If not, please explain. Are you getting any error messages?


Please post you computer brand and COMPLETE model number. Did you check to see if your computer exceeded the minimum requirements for this program? Go here


If you don't know what computer you have, go here and follow the instructions for the dxdiag,exe evaluation. Do not copy the txt file and post that, attach the txt file via the more reply option at the bottom right of where you are replying to this post.

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