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Help Needed Creating Audio Cd That Is Also A Hybrid Cd

Jason P.


I am wanting to create a cd that will work as an audio cd when played in a basic audio cd player. However, when the same disc is placed into a mac or a pc, I would like an interactive menu come up with some documents and a link to a location on the internet.


Will Toast 11 allow me to do this? If so, where would I go to find out information about this? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a software that will allow me to do this?


Thanks in advance for your help,



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I'm not certain but I think you can do this is you burn the disc as two sessions. The audio CD must be the first session. In Toast's Recorder Settings window be sure to select Write Session rather than Write Disc. Then create an ISO 9660 session in the Data window for the other part you want. Note, however, you cannot duplicate this disc with both sessions using Toast. If you tried copying the disc only the audio CD session would be copied.

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