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Need Instructions

erica renee


Hello Everyone! I am new to this and I want to get instructions on how to convert an old VHS tape to DVD. I have the USB capture device and an old VCR but I don't know which I turn on first. What speed should I have the VCR replay set at? Which do I start first the VCR or Roxio? How long does two hours of video on tape take to convert to DVD? Is there a User Guide or User Manual available anywhere? I have lots of old tapes that I want to save but I'm just a little lost to begin with so any and all help will be appreciated a lot. Thank you!!

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You don't seem to follow up other topics you have started too well...



While it is not a requirement, but it would be considered courteous... -_-


Time to convert a 2 hour tape? 2 Hours to capture and then Render time would depend completly on your CPU ~ 30 minutes to 12 hours.


Most of us would use Capture Video and then Edit (VideoWave) and Burn (MyDVD) from there...


You can capture from wtihin both VideoWave as well as MyDVD but that is a really, really bad idea :wacko: While it looks like a time save, one computer bump along the way and everything you have done is lost!


Also, since you have a bunch of older tapes, you will be tempted to Batch Process everything. Also not a good idea until you have taken a couple all the way through from tape to disc so you know what you are doing!

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Plug everything in and turn on the VHS player. Immediately pause it. Make sure that if you have a desk top, you use a USB port on the back of your computer. Sometimes hubs and USB ports on the front of the computer do not have enough power. Open "Capture Video" NOT Plug and Burn. Set up your capture parameters, select the Capture device and where you want to save the captured video. Press capture and then start the VHS player (take it off pause). Note that if there are gaps in the tape, the program may think that the tape is finished and stop the capture. The only solution is to rewind to where the video begins again and start the capture.


I thnk Jim answered the rest of your questions.


It would help to give us information on your computer. Read this.


Come back (this time) to let us know how it works for you).

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