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OK so I've got two separately licensed Toast 11 Titaniums installed on two Macs (one iMac, one Mac Pro) now. The Mac Pro has a Bluray burner and am trying to burn data from the iMac to this Bluray burner.


I've enabled ToastAnywhere on both machines from the options and I can see the shared drive (which has a blank DVD in it) from the iMac.


I drag the files that I want to copy to Toast on the iMac, choose the shared Bluray burner and click the Burn button.


The iMac starts to transfer the files and I see Toast receiving the files on the Mac Pro. Once it receives 100% of the files it launches into the main Toast window. However, I then very briefly see the files that were sent to be burnt (in the main Toast window) but they then just disappear and the burn process doesn't start.


Any ideas what's going wrong and how to fix it? Are there any log files that Toast creates that may help locate the problem?


I can burn the same files to the same drive from the Mac Pro with no problems.



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