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Back On Track 4 System Rollback

Keith Weisshar


I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, When I enable System Rollback it adds Roxio System Rollback to the boot menu after saving system state but when I disable System Rollback it doesn't remove it from the boot menu? Why is Roxio System Rollback not removed from the boot menu even after disabling system rollback? If I run Uninstallapp.exe in the Instant Restore folder it removes the boot menu but then the next time I enable system rollback again it doesn't recreate the boot menu and then I need to uninstall Roxio completely and reinstall it in order to fix this issue. Why isn't there an option to remove the boot menu in the GUI?

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Hi Keith,


We're users of the software here, and not Adaptec/Roxio/Sonic/Rovi/Corel software designers, so we can't tell you why they didn't provide that function for you. Perhaps they didn't consider that the average user would want to go disabling and re-enabling it?


A user without sufficient experience shouldn't be modifying Windows Boot Management, but an experienced user can remove the Roxio System Rollback entry with BCDEDIT.EXE, and can replace a removed entry without having to uninstall/reinstall Creator 2012.







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