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Blu-Ray Plug-In - Included In Creator 2012 Pro But Not Installed



I have bought Creator 2012 Pro and it is advertised as including the blu-ray plug-in. However, the option to write to blu-ray disks is not available in mydvd. I presume there is more to do to get the plug-in and install it. I can only see the option to buy it from them website. Can someone tell me how I get and install it please?

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Well, I'm in the same positon as the other UK buyers. When I received the upgrade email from roxio it did at the time state the plug-in was included. I purchased the download version but have never needed to use the blu-ray part until recently. To my surprise there was no blu-ray disc creator menu either. I contacted roxion etc and they basically said that unless I could prove that the original email stated that the blu-ray plug-in was included there was nothing they were willing to do! So I purchased the prog on the assumption that the plug-in was included but when come to use it I found it wasn't. Poor customer service from roxio/coral. Keep getting bombarded with emails for latest creator which also states blu-ray plug-in included, don't want to go down the same path again

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Thank you again.

The disc image (Guru), that disc

had Blu-ray included, no need of the Plugin?

Thank you.



There are two plugins the Bluray author plugin and the Bluray commercial play back plugin.


C2012 Pro includes the Bluray author plugin.

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No, that is why I got Roxio Creator NXT.
I am happy to update this software, but as I have already
noted, the latest version of MyDVD is a useless cut-down
version with very few settings in the Project Settings page.
Blu-ray seems to be a pain in many ways.
Just playing it can be tedious on a computer, I think that I may
stick to good old DVDs now despite a recent purchase of a
Panasonic Blu-ray recorder for our living room.
I am amazed how retailers are selling so few Blu-ray titles
in their stores. It does not seem to be the wonder format
that was forecast.

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Best Answer was cd's suggestion in Post #13... follow it!


Lets' not get distracted over Copy & DRM issues, these guys have a MyDVD BD Project issue that needs to be resolved :huh:


I was merely enquiring if it had worked for Jeff.

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I have EXACTLY the same problem. The Blu-ray option in the create disk startup was always slightly faded, unavailable to click. I thought it was becasue I only had a BD Reader. Now I have installed a BD burner and I still cannot write to a BD disc, just as described by JeffTR. BD drive is correclty identified in Windows (7).


Has a solution been found? Is the plug-in installed or not. Mine was a DVD version purchased online - perhaps I should ahve got the download?


My details in the picture.




Edit to removed posted CD Key!



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The iso file is not relavant or important, the point is that the Roxio software is recognising the BD drive for that particular function - so why won't it when I use My DVD to create a BD disc? I can't even create a BD iso. I'm begnning to regret buying the sw, I only get about 50% succes rate when burning HD files (from AVCHD) to DVD, that's partly why I bought the BD burner so I could use BD rather than DVD.

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Andy, where did you get that ISO file? How do you know it is not corrupted or even DRM protected? I don't know if you would get the DRM protection message if you were workign with an ISO. You would certainly have received it if you were trying to copy a disc.

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Bit more infor - previously I had burnt some backup Blu-ray iso images of movies, using other software. If I use Roxio to burn a BD image, it sees the drive perfectly OK. I haven't actually burnt one - don't want to waste an expensive BD disc, but looks like it would do it.


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You needed a Blu-ray Disc playback plugin for C2012 back then, not available today and future versions. The Blu-ray Consortium demands to much money everytime they change copy protection.


C2012 comes with 2 Disc's the content is on disc 2 'Themes' did you get it and install it?


Leave the bloatware won't hurt anything and go into services and change the startup for them.


Roxio employees do not visit the board there is one Administrator but a occasional visit when there might be a forum board problem.

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Hello again.

Just received the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro 2 discs from the USA eBay seller. (A rather long and slow process, but they arrived safely).
As advised by you, I uninstalled Creator NXT first.
Install went fine and product code was no problem and allowed software to be registered.


The Blu-ray authoring button is working in MyDVD and I made a test disc onto a re-writable Blu-ray disc.
The resulting disc played perfectly in my Panasonic Blu-ray player/recorder.


A few comments & questions:

- The version of Roxio Cineplayer included, does not support Blu-ray playback which is a shame.
- There was no 'Custom' install option, so ended up with some bloatware that I do not need: 'Roxio Burn' and 'Back On Track'
- Could I simply remove their installed folders? No big deal as I have an huge HDD on my PC.
- Do Corel/Roxio ever read the posts on this forum? I would hope that future versions of Creator will get back their full non-cut-down apps.
- A while ago, I did send some pdfs made from this thread to Roxio support and asked that their developers are sent them.
- The 'Themes' in MyDVD seem to be missing a few I used to use in Creator NXT. Is there any way to get them from my NXT install disc or the web?


So all in all, a good result getting this slightly older version of creator with the help from you guys, thank you very much, great support.

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Otherwise it's £15 - not the end of the world I suppose but a lot of time wasted. Don't see why it has to be different in different regions.

Laws, Licenses, Trade Laws, EU, Profits & Greed, who knows... :wacko:


I was about to buy some shaving soap from a store in Manchester but couldn't afford the taxes to have it shipped here to the US... That's the fun of World Wide Webbing :lol:


In any case, please let us know what you find out, this has proven an interesting thread!

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Did you not get a blu ray burning piece of software when you got the computer/burner? Most computer manufacturers and burner manufacturers who include that capability usually include an OEM version of a burning program.


Perhaps it is time to upgrade your Roxio/Corel software?

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I place most of my programs on the E; HDD.
So that was where Roxio Creator 2012 is installed.
Annoyingly the installer placed the 'BackOnTrack' folder on my SSD, C: drive.
(No options to not install, and now no option to uninstall).
This is where Windows 7 lives and now has 500 Mb of this bloatware on it.
When I try to delete the folder the message is that a file or folder is open.
Tried turning off some Roxio stuff in start up and MSCONFIG, but just cannot
get rid of this darn folder.


Any ideas please?

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Just tried to open a past .dmsd project made with Creator NXT.
It opened in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro.
However, the menu style is not one that is included in the 2012 version,
so although the background was there , the titles text was missing.
Again, no big issue, as I could re-make the .dmsd if need be with a different menu.
Also, I have the .ISO file for all these projects; so no great loss.


Thank you.

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Yes I see that folder on Disc 1, and I assume all
the available MyDVD Menu Styles have been installed.
There are 101 Menu Styles installed, so more than enough for me.

As this is a slightly older version of MyDVD than my NXT version,

then I just accept that some styles will differ and I have not got some

of the ones I used to use. No big deal really.


Thank you.

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