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Cant Upload To Youtube (Roxio Uploader Error)


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When i add a narration it wont upload to YouTube or save in a file but when i dont have a narration it works just fine.. Help please?


What won't upload or save to a file? When you add a narration to what?

You have not even supplied minimal information on what you are doing, etc.

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Wanna bet that this is another gamer using Roxio Game Capture (RGC) and who is so lost that the poster doesn't know where he (she) is.


Hey LGNerd, there is a form for RGC, you posted in Creator 2012 section of the forum. Is that the Roxio product you have or do you have the RGC. Each Section has a Title of a Roxio product and a description of what should be in that section.


Please respond and we'll move the question to the right place.

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