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Alex Kee

Problem With Px Engine

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Recently I got the following error message in the Windows action centre all the time:


Solve a problem with PX Engine



PX Engine has stopped working properly.

To solve this problem, go to the Roxio Software website to download and install the update:



globe32.pngwhite_gradient.pngClick to go online to the Roxio Software website for update instructions



However, when I press the link, it leads mw to the webpage of "cannot be loaded"



On the other hand, I tried to find the update of PX Engine by clicking 'PX Engine' in the following page:



It still link to a dead page.



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1) Send a nasty note to Corel telling them about newly dead links ! They are screwing up the data base.


2) Look at this forum to see a post by cdanteek. Open it. Look at his signature. It has the correct links.


So you don't have to look far, here it is: 7.click here Drive Not Recognized By Roxio, PX Engine 3_00_58a. Old Version<-> EMC 7.5 Up PX Engine 4.18.16a. Update .Click here (edited)

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